Aspergers and Body Language Communication Examples

I grew up in Brazil, South America, between two worlds, that of the United States (where my parents were from, and whose culture I shared), and that of the Brazilians (I attended Brazilian-only school from first through fourth grades). As a Brazilian (I have dual citizenship), I observed two types of Americans as a boy.  […]


Body Language Communication Examples

Here’s a tip: Use these Body Communication Examples (The Power Pose) to Increase Your Confidence.

Dr. Carol Ginsey Goman, author of The Nonverbal Advantage: Secrets and Science of Body Language at Work, shares the power pose tip.  We can actually act our way into feeling more powerful and confident!  Try this today and see what difference it makes in your own confidence level.

Try sitting back in your chair and actually putting your hands behind your head and your feet on the desk.  Sit that way for up to a couple of minutes.  Or stand in the “Wonder Woman” position, with your hands on your hips, looking confidently ahead.

Business Insider’s article called, This Simple ‘Power Pose’ Can Change Your Life and Career, illustrates the power pose in-depth, even showing examples from the animal world to show how innate the power pose is.

How are you going to practice this body language tip today?

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Daniel Wendler was depressed, lonely, and anxious around other people. The he was diagnosed with Aspergers. Instead of being upset, he was elated! I spent the next ten years reading books on social interaction, talking to relationship experts, seeking advice everywhere I could and applying my new social skills with everyone I met. My study paid off. […]