Startling Facts About Aspergers Empathy

Aspergers Empathy I used to watch Star Trek.  Remember Mister Spock, and later, Data? According to Wikipedia, Data is physically the strongest member of the Enterprise crew and is, in ability to process and calculate information rapidly, the most intelligent member. He is able to survive in atmospheres that most carbon-based life forms would consider inhospitable, […]

aspergers empathy

Laugh in the Face of Difficulties with Aspergers Humor!

I’m on another Planet Which this one revolves around Rod Wintour 2011 © I’m Steve Borgman.  Do I have Aspergers? I have a sense of humor that others don’t often get. I love puns.  I often laugh at absurd things that others don’t find that funny. These are Aspergers humor traits.  But no, I don’t […]

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