Famous People With Asperger’s – Adam Young

Famous People With Asperger’s: Adam Young Only about 25% of people are Introverts. There are even fewer that are as extreme as I am. This leads to a lot of misunderstandings, since society doesn’t have very much experience with my people. (I love being able to say that.)  Adam Young Adam Young, one of many […]

How Do You Treat Autism?

How do you treat autism? Once a child, teen, or adult with Asperger’s or high functioning autism is diagnosed, the next question becomes, “What now?” I’m going to outline some treatments for Aspergers and high functioning autism spectrum people. The list of treatments I am referring to here comes from A Parent’s Guide to Asperger […]

Must-Have Autism Books: Before and After A Diagnosis

Must-Have Autism Books As a blogger and counselor working to stay current with my knowledge of autism spectrum conditions, I am continually looking for good books to recommend to you, the readers, and and to add to my library. I’ve read a number of interesting posts on Facebook and in other Aspergers forums with questions […]