Don’t Miss These 4 Outstanding Aspergers Employment Sites

Aspergers Employment Sites There’s not a lot of internet information available about aspergers employment sites.  After some extensive internet searching, here are four great sites I found.  Bookmark these sites for help with your Aspergers employment questions. ASTEP  The Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership promotes inclusion for people with high functioning autism and Aspergers syndrome through: Awareness and […]

Who Else Wants These Autism Employment Tips?

One summer in college, I worked for a couple of carpenters. They called their company Black Dog Construction, named in honor of their black labs.  They informed me that I ranked beneath the dogs 🙂 I worked hard, carrying 2x4s, plywood, tearing roofs off of houses, framing.  But no matter how hard I worked, I […]

Stress Free Decision Making for Aspergers Relationships

Making decisions and solving problems can hijack Aspergers relationships. Because of differences between the autism spectrum and neurotypical people, making decisions as a team to support each other’s goals, the goals of your household, dealing with your children, or deciding where to go on vacation can be difficult. But not impossible! Dr. Cindy N. Ariel, […]