How To Make Some Friends: And a Bonus

The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend.  ~Aristotle Are you ever tongue tied at a party? Maybe you’re still wondering how to get invited to a party! Friends sound like a great idea, but how can we make some friends when we’re feeling unsure, scared, and lonely? Here are Some Tips To Make Some […]

Here’s An Aspergers Teaching Tip: Think With Your Eyes

Thinking With Your Eyes: An Aspergers Teaching Tip The eyes are the windows of the soul.  –English proverb Many parents, teachers, and therapists assume that people with Aspergers don’t want to communicate. It’s not true. What most NT’s (neurotypicals) have hard-wired into their brains, Aspies (people with Aspergers) don’t:   social cognitive knowledge. Michelle Garcia […]

Avoid This Aspergers Relationships Trap

Avoid the Aspergers Relationships Trap of Ignoring How Aspergers Affects Relationships I remember some big fights during my first year of marriage.  I don’t even remember what we fought about. But my wife and I felt pretty discouraged.   Then we had two couples over, both married for a few years.  When we told them […]

Best Parent Ever? Help Your Aspergers Child Become an Adult

Autism In the Family: From Child to Adult When there is autism in the family, parenting is challenging. “My son/daughter is unmotivated, sloppy, but such a great person.  S/he sits in her room all day and plays video games.  S/he was set up by someone who pretended they wanted to go out with him/her.  You’re an […]