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I grew up in Brazil, South America.  Kids in northern Brazil love to fly kites. They’ll often engage in kite wars.   They mix glue and crushed glass together in a bown and run the string through it. Then, while flying the kites, they  “cross string” with another kite.  They’ll make kite dance and dive, until […]

Can A Neurotypical Really Offer Aspergers Help?

I’ve wrestled with this question.  I’m a professional therapist.  I’ve narrowed my target niche to include those on the autism spectrum.  But often, I wonder.  I’m not on the autism spectrum.  I don’t know exactly what it’s like to be on the spectrum. Have you wondered the same thing?  As a parent, a loved one, or […]

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What do an Olympian, a Navy SEAL, and a Rhodes scholar have in common? Each individual is committed to paying the price, accepting her/his limits and strengths, and taking personal responsibility for her/his results. Not many people are willing to train thousands of hours, move outside their comfort zone, give up many activities in order […]