Are You Fighting For Your Aspergers Marriage?

Are you fighting in your Aspergers marriage? Here are some new discoveries that can make your plain Aspergers marriage beautiful. But you’ll have to fight for your marriage instead of continuing to fight fruitlessly in your Aspergers relationship. I wrote an article called What Everyone Should Know About Aspergers and Marriage a while ago.  Here […]


Read This And Increase Your Aspergers Social Skills

I get by with a little help from my friends. John Lennon Our friends actually help us get through a whole lot.  As humans, we’re built to be social. Yet, it can be challenging for teens and adults on the autism spectrum to connect with others in order to form and maintain friendships. The PEERS […]

Famous People With Aspergers: Clay Marzo

I feel like I’m at home in the water… waves are toys from God  ~Clay Marzo, Professional Surfer, diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome Famous People With Asperger’s: A Caution I’ve written a few articles regarding famous people with Aspergers. There’s a positive and negative side to articles showcasing famous people with Aspergers. On the one hand, […]