Discover These Aspergers Communication Tips

Interpreting non-verbal information is one of the biggest social challenges for individuals with Aspergers.  In my ongoing  internet research, I have come across some excellent articles by authors in different fields.  I am honored to have Steven Aitchison’s permission to share this article with you. About Steven Aitchison: In His Own Words I was born […]

Who Else Wants My Favorite Autism Spectrum Books?

5 Books To Introduce Your To Autism

I’m so grateful for the wide variety of great books available in recent years in the area of Aspergers and the autism spectrum.  There is no shortage of great books for you to learn from.  I thought I would share my short list with you, so that you can continue to learn about tips and […]

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Autism Spectrum Jobs: How Employers Can Help

The focus of this blog is to increase understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome, to provide solutions, and in doing so, increase hope for individuals on the autism spectrum. I recently came across a three part series of articles from author Gavin Bollard, who writes for his blog called Living With Aspergers.  I contacted him and got […]