Here Are Four Communication HOW TO’s for the Autism Spectrum

Communication can seem like a fairly ambiguous process- and it is precisely this type of ambiguity that makes it hard for individuals with Aspergers to communicate effectively. I recently started reading a groundbreaking work by Michelle Garcia Winner, called Thinking About You, Thinking About Me. She came up with an effective framework that is helpful […]

How To Help Your Child Through the Social Jungle at School

How can parents help their children with Aspergers and autism spectrum navigate the social jungle at school? I’m grateful to Connie Hammer, a licensed clinical social worker and parenting coach, for her permission to share one of her articles on this very subject. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome at the beginning of any […]

HOW TO Improve Your Employment Prospects as An Individual With Aspergers

How can an individual on the autism spectrum feel empowered to improve her/his prospects of employment? I am once again indebted to Mr. Gavin Bollard, author of the blog called Life With Aspergers.  With his permission, I am including this second article on improving employment prospects for individuals on the autism spectrum. About Gavin Bollard: […]

Here’s A Secret That Can Bring Aspergers Peace of Mind

Do you know one word that can put a lot of individuals on the spectrum at ease? It’s not a cure.  It’s not a drug.  It’s not a “happily ever after” promise.  But it is something that will bring relief. The Secret Word is “Diagnosis” Have you ever asked a person with vision problems to […]