How To Stop Procrastinating

how to stop procrastinating

“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” Mason Cooley It’s easy to rip a sheet of paper in half.  But place one hundred sheets of paper together, and you’ll have a very hard time cutting that stack of paper in half. Just as it’s easy to rip one sheet of paper, procrastination is like […]

High Functioning Autism

high functioning autism

“This is what we know, when you tell us of your fondest hopes and dreams for us: that your greatest wish is that one day we will cease to be, and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.” Jim Sinclair, Don’t Mourn For Us High Functioning Autism: Difference or Disability? Dr. Simon […]

High Functioning Autism and ADHD

aspergers and adhd

Howie Mandel, Michael Phelps, Solange Knowles, Ty Pennington, James Carville, Christopher Knight, Richard Branson, and thousands of other adults struggle with ADHD. According to one study, high functioning autism and adhd occur in up to 1/3 of children.  Therefore, it follows that many autistic adults struggle with ADHD. Attention Deficit Disorder Explained Attention Deficit Hyperactivity […]

Famous People with Autism – Anthony Ianni

famous people with autism anthony ianni

 “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  President Theodore Roosevelt. No matter who you are, you can make a difference. No matter what challenges you face, you have gifts, talents, and abilities, and the world is waiting for you to express them.  Whether you are one of the famous people with […]

High Functioning Autism – Living Independently

high functioning autism independent living skills

High Functioning Autism – Living Independently Do you think high functioning autism living independently can happen?  According to Wikipedia, “despite high cognitive potential, most young adults with AS remain at home, although some do marry and work independently.” Those adults who do marry and work independently, struggle with a society that still discriminates against people […]