TWAP15: Little Known Tips To Empower Aspergers Children, Students, and Partners

Philip Wylie Shares Tips From An Aspergers Autism Perspective

Philip Wylie, my Aspergian colleague, challenges non-autistic parents, educators, and partners to think about Apergers autism as a different culture.  As non-autistics, we need autistics to guide us in learning how to empower our children, students, and partners. Philp Wylie is going to be one of our guides today. I’m excited today to share part […]


The Thrive With Aspergers Podcast

A Bi-Weekly Show Dedicated to the Autism Spectrum Community

The Thrive with Aspergers Podcast is my bi-weekly podcast dedicated to the autism spectrum community.

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About the Thrive With Aspergers Podcast

My goal is to pick the brains of you, my audience; to interview experts from a variety of fields,  and to leverage my guests’ insights to help the autism community.

thrive with aspergers first podcast episodeI also produce podcast episodes based on your favorite past blog posts, (via my study of my Wordpress stats).

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The Thrive With Aspergers Podcast Episodes

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TWAP14: Philip Wylie: A Very Late Adult Aspergers Diagnosis

Want Work Success? Look at Your Work Environment First

Sensory Strategies To Help You Succeed

I’ve been asked, “How do I connect with other co-workers at work”?  Many people on the autism spectrum have difficulty communicating with others, but fail to realize that work environment needs to come first. Work Environment:  Take Care of the Basics I’m training for a marathon.  At the beginning of my training, I couldn’t believe how […]


5 Intriguing Autism Dating Articles You’ll Want To Read

My family and I took a vacation in Venezuela, South America one summer. We found ourselves in the middle of a town whose streets layout made no sense, and we wondered how we were going to get from point A to point B, since there were no street maps or guides available. Dating can be […]


Is “High Functioning Autism” Useful, or Not?

No great advance has been made in science, politics, or religion without controversy. Lyman Beecher. If the quote above is true, then we have room for advancing our understanding of the term, “high functioning autism“, given the amount of controversy the term generates! I ran across this article about a month ago, called “What’s the Difference […]

high functioning autism debate