Worry Not! How To Change Your Life The Easy Way

And A Bonus!

Why does changing your life feel so hard?! I’ve often asked myself the same question, after trying many times to change. More specifically, to get personal, I have habits that have annoyed my family. Without telling on myself too much, I’m going to share one of those annoying habits with you, and tell you how […]

TWAP026: Emerging Adulthood: Why Ignoring It Will Cost You

And What To Do Instead

It’s the long-awaited day. Graduation!  The first step of emerging adulthood. If you’re a young person on the spectrum, you may be excited that this day is finally here. If you’re a parent, you’re excited about the possibilities for the future. Six months later, one year later, or many years later, you may wonder what […]


Sick and Tired of Useless Dating Tips? Read This

More Helpful Advice From Dr. Duana Welch

Welcome to 2016, everyone! I’m kicking off the new year with more dating tips from Dr. Duana Welch, author of Love Factually. It’s a continuation of my interview from episode 23, These 5 Helpful Dating Questions Will Boost Your Confidence. Dr. Welch went through the ups and downs, heartaches, and trials that many of us […]


These 5 Helpful Dating Questions Will Boost Your Confidence

Little Known Dating Tips From Dr. Duana Welch

Could it be that asking the right dating questions is key to having satisfying dating experiences? It’s been a long time since my dating days. I had so many dating questions back then  In many ways, I was like someone stumbling around in the dark, trying to find a light switch. I wasn’t sure what to talk […]

dating questions

You Need To See These 5 Free Goal Setting Tools

What To Do When Setting Goals Sends You Running For Cover

Have you ever wished for a step by step guide to help you carry out an overwhelming task? Like setting goals? A couple of years ago, I dreamed of starting the Thrive With Aspergers podcast. Notice I said “a couple of years.” As in two! I struggled and floundered in procrastination, until I stumbled across […]

setting goals free tools