How To Work From Home

how to work from home

A young man I know recently started a new job with a Fortune 500 Company. Prior to this job, he had a number of positions that went well, but didn’t last.  This young man doesn’t have Aspergers, but he does struggle at times with interpersonal communication. One of his relatives knew someone at this Fortune […]

Tips For Women With Aspergers: The Social Side of Work

Aspergers Women Work, Too! I met Patricia Robinson about three years ago.  Online, of course, since she lives and works in California, and I’m in Chicago. I’ve learned a lot about Asperger’s syndrome from her blog, and I thought I would share one of her articles with you. Work isn’t just about work, there’s a […]

How To Make Aspergers Employment Work For You

I don’t have any formal statistics regarding Asperger’s and the workplace. However, I have read enough comments on Facebook Asperger’s Support and Asperger’s forums to know that the world of work can be very challenging for many talented inviduals on the autism spectrum. Sensory sensitivies, the confusion of office politics, and other social challenges can […]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Relating on the Autism Spectrum

I remember watching a show called Northern Exposure.  One of the characters in the TV show was a “Bubble Man” who could not live outside his bubble because his immune system could not handle regular germs. I wonder how many individuals on the autism spectrum sometimes feel this way: allergic to the confusion that comes […]