Bamboo and the Autism Spectrum?

You may have noticed that my blog has taken on a new look.  In searching for a header, I came across a symbol of the greatness that exists in every individual on the autism spectrum.  It’s the Bamboo Tree!

I know of a little boy on the autism spectrum.  A few years ago, he chose a bamboo plant and named it Champion.  Years later, I saw a picture of that plant, and it has thrived.  It’s grown beyond recognition!  And that’s what I think about when I think about every reader of this blog.  Each one of you is a beautiful work of art, knit together by your Creator.  You have unique gifts, temperaments, personalities.  Each one of you has a different way of thinking about the world.

You may get discouraged from time to time, feeling that all your efforts and struggles don’t make a difference.  Take the metaphor of the Chinese Bamboo Tree with you.  I found this very inspirational video that conveys my desires for you in a way that I could never write about.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


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    That’s a great video. Definitely motivating to keep going in life and not being easily discouraged. I feel like I’m juggling so much in a day and it’s taking one thing at a time in order to have the others fall into place. Thank you for that video and the perspective on how I should be viewing life.

  2. says

    Amanda, I’m so glad that this video was encouraging to you. It certainly was to me! It helps to take a long term perspective and to be faithful in taking small actions every day to improve ourselves and others’ situations.

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