The Spectrum Explained: 7 Autism Books For Your Child

Easily Affirm Your Autistic Kids With These Books

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot The autism spectrum: wonderful, mysterious, exasperating, polarizing. It’s wonderful, because it’s a reflection of neurological diversity. It’s mysterious, because there’s still so much science and research does not know. […]

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TWAP029: Man Interrupted: Steve Bell Talks About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder, like other mental health and neurological conditions, is not something you might recognize right away. Steve Bell didn’t recognize it until midlife. When he did recognize it and accept that Bipolar Disorder was part of his neurology, his quality of life improved. You, too, can improve your quality of life when you recognize […]

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5 Online Autism Quiz Sites

Preliminary Steps to An Autism Diagnosis

Do you ever wish you could take an autism quiz to figure out if you’re on the spectrum? It’s not quite that simple. But it’s a preliminary step to gathering information about yourself. Dr. Debra Moore, in chapter 4 of The Nine Degrees of Autism, says that undiagnosed autism adults start to learn about autism […]

7 Marriage Tips To Restore Hope To Your Relationship

Actions You Can Take Today

(Want to listen, instead?  Here you go) When you’re in the midst of a discouraging situation, it can be hard to hang on to hope. I’ve certainly heard from many partners in AS (Autism/Aspergers) marriages expressing frustration and disappointment. You can inject hope into your marriage with the following specialized marriage tips. I reviewed a […]


6 Questions You Need To Ask About Aspergers Autism

Where Did "Aspergers" Go?

The Aspergers Autism Mystery Explained Maybe you’ve noticed by now that the term “Aspergers” isn’t used as often as in the past. Often you’ll hear the terms aspergers autism used interchangeably. As of October 2014, the American Psychiatric Association changed updated its diagnostic manual, and effectively discarded the term “Aspergers.” In this article, I’ll explain what […]