Discover These Autism Teaching Resources

Best Websites and Books To Teach Autistic Kids

I’m grateful for you gifted teachers and therapists who help autistic kids day in and day out. A teacher can spend up to 40 hours a week with children and teenagers on the autism spectrum. Imagine the impact s/he can have! To help you teachers and therapists, I’ve found some autism teaching resources for you. You’ll […]

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TWAP024: You’ll Love This Expert Interview About Helping Autistic Kids

7 Tips To Help You Teach Confidently

You might remember Bob Yamtich from Episode 2, where he talked about improving relationships using nonviolent communication principles. Since that interview, Bob has been working as a guidance coordinator at the Knox School of Santa Barbara, where he helps kids with their social and emotional development. In this interview, we’ll talk about communication strategies you can […]


6 Essential Autism Quotes About Meltdowns: Delivered

Autistics Help Us Understand And Manage Meltdowns

Autism Quotes From Autistics and Aspergians Its frustrating, as a parent, to receive advice from well meaning friends who don’t have kids. Likewise, it may be frustrating for you to receive advice from “experts” who aren’t autistic. As well-meaning as we may be, therapists and other professionals who are non-autistic can never truly understand what […]

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These 5 Helpful Dating Questions Will Boost Your Confidence

Little Known Dating Tips From Dr. Duana Welch

Could it be that asking the right dating questions is key to having satisfying dating experiences? It’s been a long time since my dating days. I had so many dating questions back then In many ways, I was like someone stumbling around in the dark, trying to find a light switch. I wasn’t sure what to talk […]

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5 Reasons Why We Should Be Talking About Autism Meltdowns

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced autism meltdowns. You may be a parent whose child has “melted down". You may be a teacher or therapist who works with clients in the midst of meltdowns. Or, you may be the person who experiences meltdowns. I’m not autistic. So I’ve read some accounts told firsthand. […]

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