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Could Desk Research Be a Good Fit for Adults with Aspergers?

I was a senior in college.  Halfway through my year, I was hit with a wave of panic.  I had no idea what I wanted, really, to major in! I didn’t know what career I wanted to embark on! I had majored in Anthropology and Sociology, but had no idea what I could do with […]

Famous People With Autism: The Magical Tim Ellis

People used to ask me, “Who’s your hero?” I used to think, and think, and think…. But I couldn’t think of anyone! Recently, my son also had an assignment in one of his classes, to come up with a portrait and character sketch about one of his heroes.  He chose himself! I used to wonder […]

How To Work From Home

A young man I know recently started a new job with a Fortune 500 Company. Prior to this job, he had a number of positions that went well, but didn’t last.  This young man doesn’t have Aspergers, but he does struggle at times with interpersonal communication. One of his relatives knew someone at this Fortune […]