TWAP068 Zones of Regulation: A Surprising Tool To Help You

What is regulation and why is it so important for kids, teens, and adults both on and off the spectrum? Key Takeaways Regarding This Zones of Regulation Podcast Episode: Neurological differences in the autism brain can impact the ability to control impulses and emotions  The Zones of Regulation Curriculum was researched and developed by Ms. Leah […]

TWAP067: 3 Work and Life Balance Secrets You Will Want To Know

work and life balance

How many spoons do you have in your drawer? Musings of an Aspie writer, Cynthia Kim, illustrated the spoon theory of disability by talking about a silverware drawer. Each spoon in the drawer represents your energy. As an Aspie, you may have limited capacity relating to social communication, using language, physical activity, […]

TWP065: Are You Setting Goals For Life?

Are Things Happening To You, Or Are You Making Things Happen?

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." ~ Jim Rohn Blink, blink, blink. That’s you and me, staring at the wall, wondering why we have no motivation to change our lives. Are things happening to you, or […]

goals for life

Can’t Sleep? Here Are 7 Simple Tips To Use Tonight

Have you ever wanted to kill sheep instead of counting them? I mean, people tell me to imagine sheep going by in my head, and that will help me sleep. But one night on a vacation in lower Michigan, I was so frustrated I felt I could kill those imaginary sheep! Don’t worry, I’m not […]

can't sleep

5 Startling Ways that Lack of Sleep May Cost You

What's The Problem with Lack of Sleep?

Sometimes we don’t know how valuable something is until we pay a big enough price. Check out the following story someone who learned how valuable sleep is. About five years ago, I fainted from exhaustion. I hit my head on my desk. I broke my cheekbone and got four stitches on my right eye. It […]

lack of sleep

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