6 Essential Autism Quotes About Meltdowns: Delivered

Autistics Help Us Understand And Manage Meltdowns

Autism Quotes From Autistics and Aspergians Its frustrating, as a parent, to receive advice from well-meaning friends who don’t have kids. Likewise, it may be frustrating for you to receive advice from “experts” who aren’t autistic. As well-meaning as we may be, therapists and other professionals who are non-autistic can never truly understand what an […]

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TWAP049: Living Well On The Spectrum

An Interview with Dr. Valerie Gaus, PhD

Do you ever get tired of hearing that you’ve got “symptoms” or that you’ve got a “disorder”? Dr. Valerie Gaus, PhD, approaches the spectrum as a scientist practitioner. She talks about strengths and differences, not symptoms or disorders, as the key to living well on the spectrum. That’s why I’m excited to have her on the […]

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5 Reasons Why We Should Be Talking About Autism Meltdowns

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced autism meltdowns. Maybe you’re a parent whose child has “melted down”. Maybe you’re a teacher or therapist who works with clients in the midst of meltdowns. Or, maybe you yourself experience meltdowns. I’m not autistic. So I’ve read some accounts told firsthand. You get overloaded. And then your system […]

TWAP047: An Expert Tells You About Adult Autism Diagnosis

An Interview with Dr. Rachel Loftin, PhD

Adult Autism Diagnosis: Your Questions Answered Do you want to take the confusion out of understanding adult autism diagnosis? In this episode, Dr. Rachel Loftin answers your questions (submitted by many of you) about this interesting topic. Dr. Rachel Loftin, PhD Website: Video Introduction Bio:  Rachel Loftin, PhD AARTS Center: Autism Assessment, Research, and Treatment […]

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Aspergers Personal Hygiene Care: Who Gives a Care?

Who Gives a Care About Aspergers Personal Hygiene Care? A lot of people! People with Aspergers are logical. And I’ve read different hygiene and grooming opinions in some Aspie forums. Here’s what some have said: “If it doesn’t look dirty or smell dirty, it’s not dirty, so cleaning would be a waste of time.” “Showering […]

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