How To Connect Your Mind and Body: Sensory Activities Resources

Can You Really Find Sensory Activities (On the Web?)

Sensory Activities Via The Web A friend recently asked me, “Do you have any ideas on self-help resources on sensory integration processing issues and also mind body connection?" I advised my friend that I’m neither a physical therapist nor an occupational therapist, but that I’d check out some sensory activities and resources from a layperson’s […]

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TWAP033: The Nine Degrees of Autism

Philip Wylie and A Positive Developmental Model for Autism

The Nine Degrees of Autism Have you ever wished for a roadmap to explain your life? Philip Wylie and a panel of autism experts (including Louise Page, Dr. Wenn Lawson, Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, Dr. Tony Attwood, and Dr. Temple Grandin, and more) have created a positive developmental model to explain autism across the lifespan. About […]


TWAP032: Autism Risk and Safety Management

Private Investigator Dennis Debaudt Shares Tips and Strategies

Joining me this week is the amazing Dennis Debbaudt, consultant to law enforcement and first responders on the topic of autism risk and safety management. Here’s some background on Dennis, from his site: Dennis Debbaudt is the leading global voice on autism training for law enforcement and emergency responders. Dennis Debbaudt was first to address the […]

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TWAP031: Your Questions Answered: Aspergers and Marriage

Relationship Help Tips From Marriage Therapist Eva Mendes

My guest today will sound familiar to those of you who listened to Episode 20. About Eva Mendes From her website, Eva Mendes, LMHC, NCC is a skilled and experienced couples’ counselor working with couples where one or both partners have Asperger Syndrome, and are on the Autism Spectrum (diagnosed or undiagnosed). She works […]

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TWAP030: 3 Important Ways To Honor World Autism Day

On April 2, we’ll be celebrating Autism Awareness Day. Gratitude: Be Thankful For How Far Society Has Come Autism Speaks is a polarizing organization! To be sure, there’s a lot of misinformation coming out of there. But it’s important to celebrate increased awareness of autism. In the words of my colleague, Violet, As I have […]

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