TWAP008 Would You Like Help Finding Friends?

Daniel Wendler Helps You Improve Your Social Skills

A single rose can be my garden….a single friend, my world.  Leo Buscaglia Finding Friends Is Like Playing The Piano (You can listen to the full episode at the bottom of this post) You don’t want to hear me play the piano.  Trust me. I would sound like a cat, yowling in a back alley […]


TWAP007: Now Enjoy Great Parenting Advice From Aspergers 101

Parenting Advice and Resources To Help You

“Don’t think of autism as a weight…think of it as wings with which to fly!” Samuel Allen, young man with Aspergers Jennifer Allen had a successful career in broadcasting, production, and marketing.  Shortly after learning about her oldest son’s Aspergers diagnosis, she left her career to become a full-time mother and advocate.  At the time, […]


Need To Find Love? Ask These Two Questions First

In 2005, I watched the news in disbelief as Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters overwhelmed New Orleans.  Wikipedia tells us there were over 50 failures of levees and walls protecting New Orleans.  As a result, 80% of the city flooded, and devastation followed. On April 5, 2006, the Corp of Engineers admitted that the levees didn’t fail […]


TWAP006: Shawna on Parenting, Friendship, and the Autism Spectrum

There’s always a solution to everything: it just takes a while to figure it out” Shawna This podcast episode introduces us to Shawna, from the blog, Thoughts of an Introverted Matriarch. Shawna shares her thoughts with us, in this episode, about writing, discovering her diagnosis of Aspergers later in life, parenting children with autism, and […]


TWAP 005: Aspergers Employment Help with Barbara Bissonnette

Barbara Bissonnette is a certified coach who provides job and career coaching to Aspergers/autism adults. As a coach, she provides learning, support, and strategies to: choose the right job or career manage the job search process learn interviewing skills plan a disclosure strategy handle a disciplinary action communicate with colleagues understand and meet employer expectations manage time, […]

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