It Did What? 3 Great Secrets About Self-Identification

The Ugly Duckling, Self-Identification, and You According to, self-identification is defined as identification of oneself with some other person or thing. We all know the story about the Ugly Duckling. I’ve always loved the story, because I can relate.  There’ve been times in my life when I felt like an ugly duckling, not quite […]


How 100,000 People Are Improving Their Social Skills

Daniel Wendler Talks About Social Skills Training

“The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago – the second best time is today.” Chinese proverb, as quoted by Daniel Wendler from Daniel Wendler Talks About Social Skills Training As an adult, have you ever felt that life has passed you by?  Maybe you were diagnosed with Aspergers later in […]

social skills training

TWAP044: How To Improve Your Social Skills

An Interview with Daniel Wendler, Aspergian, founder of ImproveYourSocialSkills.Com

100,000 Users Are Improving Their Social Skills 100,000!  That’s how many people are part of Daniel Wendler’s moderated social skills forum on Reddit. Daniel Wendler discovered his Asperger diagnosis in high school. Since then, he’s been on a quest consistently improve his social skills. Now he’s in his third year of his clinical psychology doctoral program. […]

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Aspergers Women Empowered: You Need To Hear This!

An Interview with International Aspergirl Society Founder Rudy Simone

Aspergers Women and the Boy From Brazil? Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this. I grew up overseas, in Brazil, South America.  As a third culture kid, meaning I was both North American because of my parents, but Brazilian by birth, I never quite fit in either in the United States or in Brazil. But […]

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TWAP042: Did You Know? Aspergers Is Awesome!

An Interview with Dr. Frank Gaskill, PhD

Aspergers is Awesome! So says Dr. Frank Gaskill, creator of the Dr. G. Aspie Show, and I agree with him! All people, over time, are susceptible to negative messages about themselves. Because Aspies and autistics are often made to feel “less than”, they can start believing these messages from society and media. That’s why I’m […]

Aspergers Awesome