TWAP047: An Expert Tells You About Adult Autism Diagnosis

An Interview with Dr. Rachel Loftin, PhD

Adult Autism Diagnosis: Your Questions Answered Do you want to take the confusion out of understanding adult autism diagnosis? In this episode, Dr. Rachel Loftin answers your questions (submitted by many of you) about this interesting topic. Dr. Rachel Loftin, PhD Website: Video Introduction Bio:  Rachel Loftin, PhD AARTS Center: Autism Assessment, Research, and Treatment […]

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Aspergers Personal Hygiene Care: Who Gives a Care?

Who Gives a Care About Aspergers Personal Hygiene Care? A lot of people! People with Aspergers are logical. And I’ve read different hygiene and grooming opinions in some Aspie forums. Here’s what some have said: “If it doesn’t look dirty or smell dirty, it’s not dirty, so cleaning would be a waste of time.” “Showering […]

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Famous People With Aspergers: Michael Burry

“Aspergers came into my life when I was forty years old…as I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate how my differences have turned out to include gifts that have set me apart.”  John Elder Robison, Be Different Background and Career Michael Burry had a sense of being different as he grew up.  When […]

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How 100,000 People Are Improving Their Social Skills

Daniel Wendler Talks About Social Skills Training

“The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago – the second best time is today.” Chinese proverb, as quoted by Daniel Wendler from Daniel Wendler Talks About Social Skills Training As an adult, have you ever felt that life has passed you by?  Maybe you were diagnosed with Aspergers later in […]

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Try These Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Growth Mindset

What Everybody Should Know About Improving Their Life

What A Difference A Growth Mindset Makes What if Helen Keller had never learned to communicate? She was deaf and blind, and most people of her day didn’t believe anyone with those handicaps could amount to much in society. When Anne Sullivan came into Helen’s life, she thought differently than most teachers of her day. […]

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